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Handmade, multi-faceted, rich in detail.

The heart of the brand beats in the studio. This is where the first handcrafted individual pieces of a collection are created. A smorgasbord of fabrics, buttons, ingredients, drawings, and prints are the starting point for the creative process. Themes are staged with emotional mood boards. Initial patterns are drawn, unmistakable fabrics selected, exact blanks created, wich are finally sewn on with the machine to create a prototype that often surprises.


«NILE is our passion. We are fashion designers and always put our hearts and souls into whatever we do.»



Production prototype: pattern and cutting


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Prints are part of NILE's unique signature. They are hand-drawn in the NILE design studio with great attention to detail. First ideas are sketched on paper, then colors are worked on, digitized and reworked on the computer. Each season, colors and designs are harmonized with the style of the collection.



Creation: mood boards and fabric patterns