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In touch with nature at the lakefront: our inspiration for the photo shoot of our new collection. Enjoy the here and now, be outside, feel the wind and sun on your skin. Perfect for the special times we're living in.

Discover the new NILE magazine here. You’re going to love having a look!

Summer at last! For us, there's nothing better than a picnic in a secluded spot. The picnic basket includes local delicacies: whitefish tartare in a pickling jar, sandwiches wrapped in beeswax paper, homemade iced tea without sugar in a flip-top bottle, and air-dried apple rings in a cloth sack.

Whitefish tartare

Take four smoked whitefish fillets from Grimm Fishmongers in Lüscherz. Dice a green onion. Cut 200–300 g of cherry tomatoes into quarters. Take a pot of sour “Halbrahm” (light cream), freshly chopped herbs (to taste), salt, pepper and a pinch of curry powder, stir them together and mix with the fish, onion and cherry tomatoes. Pour into a jar and keep cool while carrying it to your destination.

All about flowers

Is there anything more beautiful than a bouquet of flowers featuring the colorful mix found in nature? We don't think so. And we love putting these blooms on our blouses, tops, and dresses. And now, you can put them on your smartphone, tablet, and desktop, too. Here are the flowers as wallpapers.


Picture 1 «Nature»: Smartphone  | Desktop  | Tablet

Picture 2 «Flowers»: Smartphone  | Desktop  | Tablet

Picture 3 «Print»: Smartphone  | Desktop  | Tablet

Love Story

Stripes are one of the real classics of fashion history. Every generation has had its version of the classic striped shirt. Blue and white stripes were the official uniform of the French Navy in the 18th century. And they have remained popular to this day, because stripes in all their variations are never out of season. Whether lengthwise, vertical, or diagonal stripes, classic sailor stripes in blue and white or smart with red, pink, or all sorts of other colors: stripes are always up-to-date, always stylish, always beautiful. Further proof of a never-ending love for stripes which we share, too.

Spruce up little everyday moments as the mood takes you – it's especially fun at the moment. Here's our DIY Easter idea – simple, handmade, stylish.

Easter gift in the shape of a rabbit


You need: a paper bag, cotton wool, scissors, craft glue, gift ribbon, tag 

1. Draw a slightly rounded V on the paper bag up to approximately halfway. 
2. If the shape is ok, cut out the V. 
3. Fill the paper bag with small gifts and tie it to the rabbit's ears with a ribbon. 
4. Attach a piece of cotton wool for the fluffy tail. 
5. Write Easter greetings on a tag. And your sweet Easter packaging is ready!

Tip: If you like things to be colourful, just use patterned paper bags and tie a more eye-catching bow to the rabbit.

A power start to the day

Here's our pick-me-up. Delicious crunchy muesli – natural yoghurt, apple or plum sauce and homemade granola. And then fitness in the bathroom – brushing your teeth balanced on one leg.

Our good-mood-recipes

How to stay on the ball

1. Maintain your personal morning ritual – get up like you're going into the office.
2. Choose a cool outfit – you can find inspiration at
3. Get going early – otherwise the day is already half over.
4. Make your workstation your favourite place – beautiful things give you power.
5. Don't forget to let air in regularly – your kick of freshness for fresh ideas.

NILE Spring

The Spring 2020 collection is all about sustainability – this is also palpable in the magazine. Nature meets naturalness. Sustainability meets style. Tradition meets modern. We found the perfect location for the shoot right on the doorstep of our headquarters in Sutz – Lake Biel.

The collection was beautifully staged around the weir in Hagneck and on St Peter's Island – let yourself be surprised and inspired. 

Have fun browsing and discovering. Check out the magazine here.

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