The brand.
An affaire de coeur. Casual, natural, unique.

We are fashion designers and always put our heart and soul into whatever we do.  The work is fascinating and we are always driven by entrepreneurial thinking. We share this passion and enthusiasm with our customers and our employees. In our day-to-day work, we focus on our collection and people.

The design.
Inspired and surprising.

Modern, creative, unmistakable. Nile is constantly reinterpreting the zeitgeist. While the unmistakable signature remains the same. Independent and true to style.

A lot of Switzerland.
Going new ways. Simple, efficient and trend-setting.

The company has been based in Switzerland since it was founded in 1983. A lot of Switzerland shapes everyday life and values for a lifestyle that's at home around the world. Marc Willy is CEO and majority shareholder of Nile Clothing AG. Responsible for the brand and NILE stores in Germany. Sabine Gygax is the owner and CEO of Pluvina AG. Pluvina operates NILE stores in Switzerland as an independent retail company.

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